Let me introduce myself...

Quite simply my name is Tom. 


I started this idea after I had a accident 4 years ago and lost some use of my left side. I want to offer people something different. And I don't just mean oh here's another surfing product, yes they are that but I got sick of cheap mass produced products. All my surfboard covers are hand me. Yes a bloke that sews...who would have thought it.

And when I say handmade I don't mean handmade like your grans handmade knitted jumper she makes you every Christmas that's 10 sizes to big. I mean I put a lot of time, effort and care into my products, sorry gran I know you do to for my yearly jumper. I go to my supplier and pick the fabrics myself, make the teas, do machine maintenance, drop off at the post office..i could go on but I wont because you may already be bored. 

What I'm trying to say is that yes I make surfing products like a lot of other people out there but I make them with a lot more thought, care and attention to detail. 

Thank you.