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We all like to be different don't we?

I try to stay away from following the crowd when it comes to designing my board covers.  There is no point doing something that everyone else does...where is the fun in that?

From bold floral patterns to plain bright colours, they all stand out.  All my board covers are untouched by mass producing factories. Yes it may take a little longer but I would rather that, than have them mass produced and then just stick my logo on them...I will leave that to the other brands...its not how I roll.

They are all made with the right equipment and I overlock all my board covers and they are made from the correct fabric. Ever wondered why some board covers have the the protection on the nose? That's because they use cheap fabric that will rip, I don't. My board covers are made from a tough weatherproof canvass or high thread count cotton. These are hard wearing and tough.

If you have an idea for a board cover whether its a surfboard, bodyboard or SUP cover, let me know what your design is then we can make it happen. If you are unsure just give me a little info and I will design your board cover for you. And when you get the designs to look at, you can change anything. You can even choose the colour of the draw string.

Since I'm a one man band it means I can be there to help you at any point. Whether you are unsure on colours or patterns I will be here to help.

And I have to thank you for being here and checking out my site and surfboard covers.

Thank you...


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