So you want to create your own unique surfboard cover?

All you have to is pick your size for the board cover you require and once paid, you will receive a email that will ask you what colours or patterns you would like your board cover to have in each section. Your design will then be emailed to you to confirm the design. Then the fun bit comes and your very own unique board cover will be made and shipped to you!


If you are a bit unsure of what you would like that is no worries I can design some for you  and help you get the board cover you want.



Designed by You

  • All my surfboard covers are handmade in Australia, unique and untouched by mass producing factories. Alot more time, effort and love are put into my surfboard covers and they are shipped worldwide and please alow upto 10 days for your board cover to made and shipped.

  • You are entiltled to a 20 day full refund if you are not satisfied with your board cover. You must return the board cover with all origanal packaging and return postage costs are at buyers expence. With custom made surf board covers I cannot offer a refund if I am given the wrong board dimensions  and your board cover does not fit.